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Steel Tormentor is a traditional heavy metal band based on the west coast of Ireland.
Founded in 1996 as a heavy metal covers band ST made the switch  to a full time originals band  in 2003.

The band  self released two albums Unleashed 2004 &  Return of a King 2010.

In 2011  live activity was put on hiatus & ST returned to working on demos for a new album.

Plans to release a new album in 2012 were scrapped due to line up & financial problems.

Released 2004

Return of a King
Released 2010

  Band: steeltormentorband(at)hotmail(dot)com


Steel Tormentor - In the studio on MUZU.TV.

Band update  29/03/15

There have been a few enquires about the band for 2015 so here's an update.

Steel Tormentor is still active on the writing & recording front but have no plans to play live again for the forseeable future.

There are plans to continue to write & release new music in digital  format in the future.

No dates are planned for any releases but when it happens you'll see it here first.

James ST.